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A compilation of my work from The State Press  at Arizona State University as an opinion columnist. 

 Opinions Columns at The State Press

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The ‘guns everywhere’ law

Georgia sparked national attention last week when their new gun law was put in place, essentially allowing Georgians with concealed weapon permits to take their guns almost everywhere.The new Georgia bill will go into effect on July 1. HB60 includes guns being allowed in places you would never expect.

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Why the media needs to stop shaming female artists

In a Rolling Stone Magazine interview on April 10, Lily Allen speaks out about being fed up with the media and how they are making women feel the need to compete with one another.In the interview by Andy Greene, Allen states, “I think in terms of humanity and evolution. It feels like the reason we play women against each other is because it’s the last bit of power that men have. They’re like, ‘Let’s make them feel s–t about each other.’”

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Marriage as an afterthought in the millennial mind

As a whole, it seems that Generation Y is extremely uninterested in any sort of commitment or relationship. This can be attributed to the hook-up culture in which we live, the divorce rate of our parents and technology and apps such as Tinder.

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Dual enrollment credits make it possible to kick-start college careers

With the rise of college tuition and the absurd amount of debt that many students acquire by the time they graduate from college, it seems that getting a head start on your credits while in high school is more than beneficial.

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Texting, driving don’t mix on San Francisco freeways

If you live in Arizona, you have probably seen the banners on the freeways reading, “Drive hammered, get nailed.”

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Turning back the clocks on today’s fashion

We are all familiar with the phrase “history always repeats itself.” In recent years, many once-popular fads and products have been making a comeback.

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