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A compilation of my work at The State Press Magazine as a blogger. 

Blog posts from the State Press Magazine

A Drop in the Bucket: Welcome

Most of us spend our pre-college lives dreaming about the day when we leave for college and start what is said to be, “the time of our lives”. We enter college with high expectations of what the future holds, with the prospect of redefining who we are and a yearning for much needed independence.

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A “tow” in the door

My best friend Olivia loves to remind me of the time I made her multi-flavored cookies with the leftover cookie dough that we had from our middle school fundraiser. Whenever I suggest that I can make dinner or ask if we can bake a late night snack she never fails to say, “Like the time you made me eat a burnt peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar cookie creation and I felt like throwing up?”

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To the East Coast

When I was getting ready to apply for colleges, I vowed to myself that there was no way I would go to school in state. I went on a Northwest tour of colleges with my mom over fall break of my senior year in high school.

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Week 4: Am I “In or Out?”

One of the biggest threats to an ASU student living in Tempe comes in the form of late night hours and irresistible cravings. As a result, the undeniable freshmen (sophomore, junior, and senior) 15 starts to make an appearance.

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Life outside the screen

Last week I wrote a paper for my Spanish class on the cause and effects of social media among the Millennial generation. At first, I picked the topic because I knew I had enough Spanish vocabulary under my belt regarding technology and social media to express myself in a four-page paper.

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Life outside the screen, continued

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s apparent that social media is here to stay and it’s becoming increasingly essential to have contact with it and cultivate your online presence. Social media is becoming the best way that people access their news, ideas and communicate with their friends.

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Another pin on the map

After starting House of Cards on Netflix, I had an urge to rush off and visit DC. That, and my best friend, Alexa Pereda attends Georgetown and always tells me about her fabulous life she has created there with her friends.

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