Downtown Phoenix Art Culture

Photography, VIdeo

The once white washed walls in Downtown Phoenix have quickly gone from bland hues of light and dark beige to a neighborhood with thriving street art culture that have quickly progressed in the past several years.
Specifically this street art culture can be seen almost everywhere on Roosevelt Row arts district near 5th street and Roosevelt. The Roosevelt Row arts district is home to impressive murals as well as award-winning galleries with rotating exhibits from artists. The arts district also hosts quaint local restaurants & Boutiques, such as Jobot, which also hosts local musicians on their patio.
Downtown Phoenix started a Mural Match Program in 2008, which is a part of a Roosevelt Row CDC initiative to eradicate graffiti and promote neighborhood community engagement. The public art program works with communities, schools, businesses and philanthropies.
The program has encouraged people to take pride in where they live; it helps revitalize the city and use graffiti as art and not just to deface or tag property.
Just behind the local businesses on 5th St and Roosevelt there is a Graffiti Alley with all types of beautiful murals and graffiti art as well as an old bus, which has art covering it as well. Many of the graffiti art in the alley were put up during Paint PHX 2015, a four- day mural painting event organized by local artists.
Other notable art pieces nearby include the Peritoneum, which serves as a rotating pop-up park, created by ASU students.
Other murals and artwork nearby are located around 2nd street and Roosevelt, mostly in the back alleys off Roosevelt or on sides of building.
According to AZ Central’s Molly Billker, art like this in downtown phoenix is so powerful because it engages with community issues and realistically reflects the natural environment.
Looking towards the future, with all of the art initiatives that Downtown Phoenix has in store, it seems that Phoenix is set to become a leader in the art scene. Roosevelt Row offers maps online at that will take visitors on a self-guided tour of all of the art culture Downtown Phoenix has to offer.

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